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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

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3 Fears Your Parent Might Have About Senior Assisted Apartments

When your parent is adamant about not moving into a senior assisted apartment, stubbornness might not be the only reason he or she is hesitant. There is a possibility that your parent is fearful of making the move. To better help you understand your parent's hesitancy, here are some of the fears that are commonly voiced about assisted living by senior parents. 

It Is Too Expensive

For seniors who are living on a fixed budget, the idea of moving into an assisted living situation sounds like a financial burden that could swallow up their finances. The reality is, living in an assisted apartment could potentially mean savings for your parent.  

If your parent is in need of professional assistance at home, such as a home health aide or nurse, the costs of that plus everyday expenses could exceed the fees for an assisted apartment. Instead of having to worry with expenses, such as utilities, your parent would pay a flat fee for the stay at the apartment.  

Even if your parent is living on a fixed income, he or she can afford to live in senior assisted apartments and not worry about breaking their budget.  

There Is No Independence 

No one likes the idea of losing their independence or freedom. Due to misconceptions about senior living, some seniors believe that moving into an assisted apartment means giving up their independence. However, the seniors still retain their independence.  

The idea behind assisted living is that your parent can receive the support he or she needs to continue to live in an independent setting. Your parent can still come and go as he or she pleases. The only change is that he or she can get help with tasks such as cleaning and laundry.  

Assisted Living Makes You Age Quicker

Your parent undoubtedly has heard a story about someone who moved into a senior living center who aged quickly afterwards. Even though stories like this are commonly repeated, they are not necessarily true.  

Assisted living facilities often have fun activities that are available for residents. Since your parent still maintains his or her freedom, your parent can even leave the apartments and go find adventure on his or her own. The apartments are not a place for your parent to age. They are a chance to safely enjoy life.  

Talk to your parent about his or her fears. To help alleviate them, consider taking a tour of some assisted apartments. The more your parent knows about them, the more likely it is that he or she will consider the move.