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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to get healthy for my kids. I weighed around three hundred pounds, and it was really difficult for me to get around comfortably. I was even having problems with things like sleeping and driving, which is why I shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising daily, and I quickly realized that my life was improving day after day. One day, after losing about a hundred pounds, I realized that I could run faster than I had ever been able to before. This blog is all about choosing to live a healthier life and doing it with style.

Common Concerns About Sleep Apnea

There are a number of respiratory problems that a person may develop over the course of life. Sadly, individuals will often not know how they should react when they suspect that they are encountering one of these problems. In particular, those that suffer from sleep apnea may be prone to underestimating the severity of their condition.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when a person's breathing stops while they are asleep. Typically, this cessation of breathing will be very brief, but it can be highly disruptive. One of the more common forms of sleep apnea will result from a blockage in the throat while the person is asleep. This blockage can occur due to the muscles in the throat relaxing and allowing flaps of skin to block the airway. Another potential cause for this condition can be due to an issue with the central nervous system that may intermittently prevent signals from reaching the lungs.

Can Sleep Apnea Pose Any Health Risks?

Due to the fact that sleep apnea will often occur in brief spurts, individuals will think that it is a fairly benign condition. However, when a person stops breathing, it can cause numerous cardiovascular problems. For example, it can contribute to elevated blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Over the years, this can take a significant toll on the body, which may shorten the patient's life or put them at risk of developing serious complications. These issues occur because the heart will have to work much harder due to a lack of oxygen. Due to these significant risks, you will want to be treated as quickly as possible to minimize these risks.

How Will Sleep Apnea Be Treated?

Preventing sleep apnea may seem as though it will be difficult. However, there are numerous treatment options that may be employed to correct this issue. The first step in treating sleep apnea is to determine the severity of the problem. This will require you to undergo a series of sleep tests so that the frequency and intensity of the breathing interruptions can be measured.

When the sleep apnea is fairly mild, it may be possible to correct it through the use of breathing aids. However, more serious instances of sleep apnea may require surgery as the skin that creates the blockage may need to be removed. If the sleep apnea is being caused by issues with the central nervous system, medications may be needed to correct the underlying problem.