Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to get healthy for my kids. I weighed around three hundred pounds, and it was really difficult for me to get around comfortably. I was even having problems with things like sleeping and driving, which is why I shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising daily, and I quickly realized that my life was improving day after day. One day, after losing about a hundred pounds, I realized that I could run faster than I had ever been able to before. This blog is all about choosing to live a healthier life and doing it with style.

Importance Of Undergoing Eye Exams And Maintaining Good Eye Health Care

Your eyes are indeed the window to your overall health. With that thought firmly embedded in your mind, it is important for you to maintain good care of your eyes. Do so by ensuring that you undergo an annual eye examination each year. It's wise to schedule the annual exam and see your eye doctor if other eye problems arise during the rest of the year.

No Eye Disease Symptoms

Since some eye diseases do not really reveal symptoms, you could be walking around with diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension for a long time without being aware that the diseases are active in your body. Laboratory work done during your annual exam will confirm the development of such diseases.

Testing For Other Diseases

Cataracts, diabetes retinopathy, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and glaucoma, as well as visual acuity, are diseases that may be diagnosed during your eye exams. So it is important for you not to skip your scheduled annual exam appointment. Identifying those diseases early and beginning treatment prevent worsening of conditions that are life-threatening down the road.


As you age, you might notice cloudiness in your vision. This means that there is a reduction of water and protein in the lens of your eyes, and the proteins are clumping. When the proteins clump, that's what presents cloudiness of your lens. The cloudiness results in cataracts. Starting out as a speck in size, cataracts grow and cloud more of your lens, which makes it harder for you to see clearly. Your eye doctor might suggest that you wear glasses at the outset. However, your cataract condition may continue to worsen. Cataract surgery is usually the next step, and it does help you to regain your vision.

Dry Eye Condition

When your eyes don't produce enough tears or if the tears produced evaporate rather quickly, you'll experience dry eye syndrome, which results in swelling and irritation of your eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops or prescription eye drops usually clears up dry eye problems. If you notice though that your eyelids are also inflamed, that is a long-term eye condition called blepharitis, which requires ongoing treatment. Your now-combined diagnoses are then addressed with a specific dry eye treatment product.

Ensure Your Eyes Good Health

There are actions you can take to ensure that your eyes stay healthy. Eat healthy and balanced diets. Forget about smoking because this habit increases the development of eye diseases. If you must wear prescription glasses, do so. They are more effective than over-the-counter glasses. Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays. Genetics can increase risk of hereditary eye disease. Mention your family's eye health history to your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Take frequent breaks from staring at your computer screen, and practice blinking your eyelids that benefit your eye muscles.