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Real Ear Measurements May Help Prevent Ear Infections For Those With Hearing Aids

Hearing aids provide high-quality help for those with hearing troubles by enhancing the volume and sound quality that they hear. Unfortunately, hearing aids may not fit properly in a person's ear for various reasons, which can trigger a handful of issues that may be hard to predict and frustrating to manage, such as ear infections. Thankfully, a real ear measurement can minimize this risk.

A Poor Hearing Aid Fit is Related to Infections

Hearing aids typically cause very few side effects because they are usually fit quite well in the ear and don't cause any troubles. However, if a hearing aid isn't properly measured and installed in the ear, there is a chance that bacteria or other contaminants could end up on the hearing aid and trigger an infection that may then spread throughout the rest of the hearing canal.

Problematically, ear infections often start out quite small and with few symptoms, but can quickly spiral out of control if allowed. Therefore, it is critical for those who are worried about this potential issue to make sure that their hearing aids fit properly. And the best way to achieve this balance is through the use of real ear measurements. Doing so not only helps prevent infections but improves hearing aid efficacy.

How a Real Ear Measurement Can Help

Real ear measurements are the golden standard for fitting hearing aids because they provide a very accurate understanding of the inside of the ear. When properly measured, a hearing specialist can find a hearing aid fit that is as snug as possible. When then installed, the hearing aid will produce a higher quality of sound and also ensure that minimal bacteria can end up inside of the ear on the hearing aid.

These measurements can be done at any time before getting fit for a hearing aid. Typically, it is best to get them as soon as possible — typically, a hearing specialist will do them before ever giving a person a hearing aid. That said, it is possible to get real ear measurements after treating an ear infection to get a better fit for an aid, one that feels more comfortable and helps manage ear infection risks.

It is important to note that real ear measurements are not a treatment method for ear infections, nor or they designed to be a true medical care method. Instead, they are designed to cut back on the potential risk of this issue developing. By making hearing aids fit more snugly and comfortable, a hearing specialist can ensure that their patients don't suffer any problems that may complicate their care and recovery.