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Liposuction For Breast Reduction: 3 Things To Consider When Determining Whether You're A Good Candidate

Although you might've been blessed with naturally large breasts, you might not see these assets as a blessing. Large breasts can put a huge strain on your back and neck, and many people with large breasts want nothing more than to get a breast reduction. More than 90,000 breast reductions are performed each year, and while there are many different surgical techniques that can be chosen, liposuction of the breasts is one of the least invasive operations, leaves no scars and allows for rapid recovery with minimal complications. This procedure can reduce your breast size by up to 50%. To determine whether you'd be a good candidate, consider these 3 factors.

The Type of Breast Tissues You Have

Your breasts contain both glandular tissues and fatty tissues. Depending on the tissue composition of your breasts, liposuction may or may not be suitable for you. Liposuction can only remove fatty tissues, so if your breasts are composed mostly of glandular tissues, liposuction may not be an ideal option. The procedure won't do much for you in terms of being able to reduce the size of your breasts. You can get a feel of your breasts' tissue composition by performing a physical examination. Generally speaking, if your breasts feel dense, they are mostly composed of glandular tissues. On the other hand, if they're quite soft, then there's a higher chance that you have more fatty tissues there than glandular tissues.

In general, younger breasts tend to be denser than older breasts. As a result, liposuction for breast reduction is generally recommended more often for older women than for younger women.

Whether Ptosis Has Affected Your Breasts

Over time, your breasts will begin to sag or droop. This is known as ptosis. If you don't like how your breasts are sagging at the moment, don't expect liposuction to solve this issue. While liposuction can give your breasts a small lift, they will generally make ptosis worse. If you decide to go forward with the operation, you'll only find that your breasts will continue to sag more and more. As the breast size is reduced, the sagginess will only be enhanced. If you want to avoid this from happening, you'll need to look at other surgical options.

Keep in mind that breasts tend to become more saggy and droopy with age. This is particularly true for those with large breasts, as gravity will play a larger toll.

Issues Surrounding Asymmetry

As liposuction can only remove fatty tissues in the breasts, it cannot correct asymmetry. For example, if one of your breasts hangs lower than the other, there's really nothing that can be done. Reducing breast size using liposuction may even enhance asymmetries. Your surgeon will provide you with some insight as what the final results will look like and you can go from there.

If one of your breasts are smaller or larger than the other, liposuction may be able to help. However, the results achievable will largely depend on the tissue composition of each breast. If there are discrepancies in the composition, you might not be able to get the results you've always wanted.


Liposuction is not only for removing fat in your belly or arms. You can also use it to reduce the size of your breasts. It is highly recommended due to its rapid recovery time and lack of post-operative complications. You'll be able to see the results almost immediately, and be able to enjoy the results quickly without having to wait around in bed. There's also minimal scarring in comparison to other surgical alternatives. Talk to a surgeon, such as one from the Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center, to see whether you're a good candidate for this type of operation if you are interested in getting the size of your breasts reduced.