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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to get healthy for my kids. I weighed around three hundred pounds, and it was really difficult for me to get around comfortably. I was even having problems with things like sleeping and driving, which is why I shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising daily, and I quickly realized that my life was improving day after day. One day, after losing about a hundred pounds, I realized that I could run faster than I had ever been able to before. This blog is all about choosing to live a healthier life and doing it with style.

Protecting Your Child From The Flu

Many parents dread the flu season as it rolls around each year. Young children can become severely ill from the flu, which includes cold symptoms, such as a runny nose and sneezing, along with additional discomforts, such as a fever, chills, and body aches. 

Here are a few measures that parents can take to protect their little ones from a severe case of the flu.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

The virus that causes the flu can easily be passed from one person to another through contact. When a person with the flu touches a surface, the next person who touches the same object may get the flu, especially if the person touches his or her nose, mouth, or eyes with the contaminated hand. 

One of the best ways to protect your child from the flu is to keep the youngster's hands clean. Even though you may not have access to a restroom sink at all times, you can still minimize the number of germs on the child's hands by using hand sanitizer. Small containers of the germ-killing liquid or gel can be kept in strategic places, such as a purse or your vehicle, to ensure that the sanitizer is always handy.

Schedule an Appointment With the Pediatrician at the First Sign of the Flu

Flu symptoms can cause a large amount of discomfort. However, the symptoms can be minimized if the illness is caught in its earliest stages.

Your child's pediatrician can test for the flu virus with a simple swab of a nostril. If your child tests positive, an antiviral medication can be administered to lessen the severity of the flu symptoms. 

Make Sure the Child's Meals Are Nutritious

A child's immune system may be depressed by poor nutrition. Ensuring that your child eats a well-rounded, nutritious diet can help keep the little one's natural defenses against germs at their best. In addition to eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods, your child's pediatrician may also recommend a multi-vitamin.

Be Sure Your Child Gets a Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is usually available just before and during the flu season. The vaccine can be injected in a single shot. Additionally, the flu vaccine may be available for intranasal ingestion.

To learn more ways to protect your little one from the flu this year, schedule an appointment with a pediatrician in your local area, such as those found at Better Family Care.