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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to get healthy for my kids. I weighed around three hundred pounds, and it was really difficult for me to get around comfortably. I was even having problems with things like sleeping and driving, which is why I shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising daily, and I quickly realized that my life was improving day after day. One day, after losing about a hundred pounds, I realized that I could run faster than I had ever been able to before. This blog is all about choosing to live a healthier life and doing it with style.

3 Technologies That Can Assist You While You Heal From Surgery

Having surgery of any kind can create numerous problems. For starters, it can limit how much you do throughout a few days to a few months, depending on the surgery you have. Laparoscopic surgeries often decrease the amount of activity you can do for at least a couple of days, whereas more invasive surgeries may involve weeks or months of healing. Fortunately, some technologies can assist you while you go through the healing process.

1. Robotic Vacuums

If you are recovering from surgery, the last thing on your mind is keeping your home clean. It can be difficult cleaning your house while you are in pain. Many cleaning activities, such as vacuuming, becoming near impossible tasks, particularly if you have knee or shoulder surgery. It is difficult to push a vacuum while your shoulder heals, and standing, let alone walking, is a chore after knee surgery.

Fortunately, robotic vacuums can assist you. Robotic vacuums, like the Roomba, will crawl your floors automatically and keep them tidy and clean. The vacuum has sensors that allow it to avoid colliding with objects in your home, such as walls and furniture. The vacuum moves throughout your house cleaning both carpet and hardwood to help make your life easier.

2. Automatic Feeders

If you have pets, you need to make sure they stay fed and watered, which is hard if you have to remain in bed to heal. If you are lucky enough, you might have a friend, relative or neighbor who can help you. However, not everyone is that fortunate. Thankfully, you can use automatic feeders to ensure your pets have plenty of food.

Many automatic feeders come equipped with technologies that weigh out the proper amount of food for your pet based on factors such as size, weight, and activity level. In other words, you can relax and ensure your healing processing while experiencing peace of mind knowing your pet is still fed, happy, and healthy.

3. Wearable Devices

Another aspect of recovery after surgery you should consider is your ability to get around on your own. People often receive pain medications they can take at home to make their recovery more bearable. Unfortunately, the majority of pain medications can make you feel drowsy and hinder your ability to react.

If you are on pain medication, it may increase your risk of falling and injuring yourself while moving about your home. A wearable device provides you with the technology you need to keep you save. Should you fall, you can use the device to send out an SOS alert to family, friends, or your care physician.

Find out more about technological devices that can assist you with recovery after surgery. You will find that many technologies can improve your life and make healing a much easier process. For more information, contact a medical office like Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PC.