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Choosing To Live A Healthier Life

A few years ago, I realized that I needed to get healthy for my kids. I weighed around three hundred pounds, and it was really difficult for me to get around comfortably. I was even having problems with things like sleeping and driving, which is why I shifted my focus to a healthier lifestyle. I started eating right and exercising daily, and I quickly realized that my life was improving day after day. One day, after losing about a hundred pounds, I realized that I could run faster than I had ever been able to before. This blog is all about choosing to live a healthier life and doing it with style.

Your Massage Therapy Guide

Massages may sound like a luxury only for the wealthy, but many providers offer affordable massages, and in some cases, your insurance may cover some of the cost. If you are considering getting a massage, keep reading to learn more.

Who Can Benefit from Massage Therapy?

Just about anyone can benefit from massage therapy because it is relaxing and soothing. Even if you aren't in pain, the relaxing environment can help ease tension and stress. However, massage is also excellent at helping with pain, especially muscular pain.

Massaging these muscles relaxes them, which can relieve a lot of tension. It may even help take pressure off joints, especially the spine. Massage also increases blood flow, which can boost the body's natural healing abilities.

Massage may also be beneficial to prepare for other treatments like chiropractic manipulations. By relaxing the muscles, the chiropractor is better able to manipulate joints to relieve pressure and pain.

What Types of Massage Therapy Exist?

There are many types of massage therapies that exist, including:

  • Swedish massage
  • Thai massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Lymphatic drainage massage

Some massages offer more relaxation like a Swedish massage. A sports massage or deep tissue massage, however, may be a little more intense. If you're new to massages or particularly sensitive, you may need to request less pressure.

Some massages are incredibly light, such as shiatsu and reflexology. These may involve only light touches and pressure.

Naturally, you can also request a massage based on a specific location, such as:

  • The head/face
  • The neck
  • The spine (including a particular part of the spine)
  • The hips
  • The feet

Will Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?

Some insurance policies cover massage therapy. Depending on the policy, you may need a referral from your PCP, but many plans don't require a referral. There are usually strict limitations on the number of visits and services.

If you were involved in an auto accident, the auto insurance carrier may pay for some massage therapy appointments. In these cases, you shouldn't even need to pay a copayment. If your insurance doesn't cover massages, there are still many affordable massage therapists. Many may even offer discounts on packages or for returning customers.

Massage therapy is a great way to help relax and ease pain. It may be covered by your insurance, but even if it isn't, you can find an affordable therapist. If you would like to know more about massage therapy treatment, contact a massage therapist in your area today.